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UB city

A truly luxurious experience, Imagine store at the UB city is considered a benchmark to all Imagine stores. Ever since its launch in 2008, the store has a steady flow of premium clientele true to its surroundings. The store offers shoppers in Bangalore, the opportunity to learn and experience Apple’s innovative products and solutions in a classic environment. The store, considered to be a luxury in retail also includes a training room, conference room, service cubicles for its customers, back end space for its retail team and a fully functional service unit for its customers. Every customer who steps into the store is immediately taken on a tour of the store and assisted in every possible way ensuring genuine customer satisfaction.

About UB City

Sprawled over a magnificent 1.1 million sq.ft, in the heart of Bangalore, UB City is a premium blend of commercial, luxury-retail and serviced apartments. UB City has changed the skyline of the city in less than four years and is an exotic blend of leading global brands under one roof. The elite clientele who frequent UB City make this mall a perfect location for the Imagine store.

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